Discover how easy it is to grow your brand on Amazon

At Rosetta, we don't just launch ads and leave the rest to you. We offer an end to end solution that enables your business to both scale quickly and sustain growth.

1. Intro call
In order to successfully help you grow, we need to understand your business.

What are your goals?

Are you already selling through Amazon or looking to get started?

Do you know what Amazon Vendor is?

In our introductory call we'll dive deep with you to understand your brand, business and goals.
2. Set the strategy
Once we understand your business' goals for Amazon we'll be able to start strategising.

Here we'll create a bespoke Amazon strategy for your brand and map out the route for you to reach your targets.

Some brands just need our agency advertising services. Others need help with account management, optimisation and order fulfilment.

The possibilities are endless.
3. Onboarding
Once the strategy is mapped out we'll be able to get started.

Here, we'll either launch your brand on Amazon for the first time or audit and optimise your existing product listings.

In order to generate sales, your product has to be positioned on Amazon in the right way and stand out from your competition.

Claire's Handmade is a family-run business that has been working with Rosetta since 2019.

"Having failed miserably to find our way through the Amazon process ourselves, we saw an instant impact on sales of our products. The set-up process was straight forward and we’ve found everyone at Rosetta helpful and good to work with."

Claire, Founder and Owner of Claire's Handmade

4. Advertise
Whilst it's certainly possible to sell organically on Amazon, in order to increase sales volume, advertising is key.

Our team of specialists will advertise your products on Amazon and continually optimise your campaigns to generate profitable sales.

5. Sell & Fulfil
We make fulfilment easy.

As you start generating sales you'll only need to make one shipment per week directly to one warehouse.

We'll work with Amazon to handle everything else.

Don't worry about delivery, returns or disputes. We've got it covered.

Did you know there are 5 types of Amazon chargebacks!

These can cripple small brands, take weeks to be resolved and cost larger brands thousands of pounds in fees.

That's why we're here to help. Our dispute resolution team make life on Amazon easy for you and your brand.

6. Keep generating sales

We'll continue to optimise efforts on Amazon to help you grow sustainably.
And as your business goals adapt, so will our Amazon strategy.

Ready to get started?