Smuggle Your Booze - Hand Sanitiser Combo Pack

Overpriced tickets for events but YOU GOTTA GO!

Overpriced drinks? Not any more - we've got you covered!
Bring your favorite beverage of choice and don't wait in those long lines to pay WAY too much £££. No leaving your seat for a refill either!
Our NEW 6 oz Hand Creme Flask will have you smuggling at indoor events. The Bonus travel size 3.33 oz Hand Sanitizer Flask is within carry on guideline
  • 6oz Hand Creme & 3.3oz Hand Sanitizer bottles
  • Shoot it, Mix it, Share it! Great for smuggling booze in!
  • Superb for festivals, stadiums & large parties this summer
  • Tested and proven - our product is like no other on the market
  • Fill up this imitation bottle with the beverage of your choice!

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