Flair Hair Visor - Black with Black Hair

The Flair Hair visor creates an instant look of a full head of hair coupled with a stylish designed visor. Fully adjustable and manufactured to a high standard, the Flair Hair visor is a fun and novel way to change your look and bring a smile to people! Guaranteed to have fun, and take on a whole new personality when wearing the visor. Currently sweeping the US, UK and International countries alike, the Flair Hair visor is a must have accessory for anyone who likes to have fun with their friends, family and complete strangers!

  • Fake instant hair - guaranteed to look like the real thing
  • Changes your appearance in an instant
  • Adjustable strap at the back to cover all head sizes
  • Catches the eye on the golf course, in the pub, on the street and at parties with friends/family
  • Range of colours and designs

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