Dark Grey with Toasted Almond

Handsome. Even if your mates say you've got a face only your mother could love, slip into one of these and you're instantly transformed into a demi-god*.

You'll also be toasty warm into the bargain, with the feeling that your whole face is getting a big and lovely comforting cuddle all day long.

*OK, so this possibly isn't completely true but your mother still loves you :o)

Product Info

Our 'linen' Beard Beanie™ in Eco2 naturally responsible cotton / acrylic blend hat which is soft, stretchy and made from recycled fibres.

The Beard Beanie™ is a one-piece garment. To wear, just pull it on over your head. Really, we're not kidding - it's that easy to put on! 

And to take it off again, just do the reverse!

  • 'Linen' Dark Grey Beanie with Toasted Almond-coloured Beard
  • Hat made from 75% ECO 2 cotton, 25% acrylic
  • Beanie hand-crocheted from extra soft 100% acrylic yarn
  • Made in Northern Utah, USA

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