Black with Dark Brown Beard

What can we say about these super-slick linen beanies and their voluptuous, tactile full beards?

We could say that, more than just a cursory glance, they'll attract the right kind of envious stares and you'll be the talk of the town. Wear one and you'll be waved to the front of the queue into any nightclub, your waiter will show you to the best table in the house and you'll automatically get upgraded to first class travel.

But we can't. We can just say they're a great Beard Beanie™.

So buy one. Now!

Product Info

Our 'linen' Beard Beanie™ in Eco2 naturally responsible cotton / acrylic blend hat which is soft, stretchy and made from recycled fibres.

The Beard Beanie™ is a one-piece garment. Just pull it on over your head. Take it off. Pull it over your head again and make sure this time that the beard is at the front you big dufus.

* That's right, Beard Beanie™ is a smart and environmentally friendly choice - buy one today and you'll be doing your bit to help the planet while staying nice and toasty!

  • 'Linen' Black Beanie with Dark Brown Beard
  • Hat made from 75% ECO 2 cotton, 25% acrylic
  • Beanie hand-crocheted from extra soft 100% acrylic yarn
  • Made in Northern Utah, USA

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