The sunny side of BigMouth! July 13 2015

Our superstar colleagues over in America have been extra busy bee's this past couple of weeks and we have some super exciting news! Not only did our inflatable tiger head appear in the new madonna video, AND the GIANT donut pool float invaded pop culture, AND BigMouth in America graced walmart with our very own signature funniess and often outrageous humour! BUT, the TV hit show 'It's always sunny in Philedelphia' have given us an opportunity to include some of our wonderful products in the show! AWESOME!!!!!!!


So if you're a fan or fancy watching a new show, then tune in to the upcoming episodes and get ready to see some of our crazy products! :) 


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Witness the Lord of the North of Grassteros in all his glory. He sits on the Throne of a Thousand Shovels in King's Lawnding! We present to you... 'Game of Gnomes'.

Sat upon his armchair made of a thousand rusty garden shovels, this grumpy garden gnome will rule over your garden and take care of the pesky garden creatures!!

It's our product of the month and with good reason. 'ALL HAIL GAME OF GNOMES'.


Celebrating Summer the BigMouth Way! April 20 2015

The Summer in England is set to be a scorcher, so what better way to celebrate this the only way us Brits know how!! Get yourself to the beach and take yourself a pool float or two.

Whether you fancy taking a bite out of the Donut Pool Float, or simply relaxing on a Pizza Slice, we have compiled a list of the yummiest and most fun pool floats for you this Summer!

5. Game Controller Pool Float

CALLING ALL GAMERS! Don't be boring this Summer and take your games poolside with the new 'Game Controller Pool Float'.

4. Chocolate & Strawberry Gigantic Donut Pool Float


They look good enough to eat, and in fact, someone did take a bite out of these hilarious donut shaped pool float. At 4 feet tall, these donuts are not only huge, but are made from extra thick durable vinyl.


3. Gigantic Bouncing Cheeseburger Ball

This giant inflatable beach ball may at first glance appear to be an all beef hamburger topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a sesame seed bun, but it's actually a thick durable vinyl ball begging to get bounced around a pool, beach, picnic, BBQ, festival or wherever you see fit. As yummy as it looks, don't try to eat it! We are pretty sure vinyl doesn't taste the same as a cheeseburger!


2. Pizza Slice Pool Float

Fancy a gigantic slice of fun this Summer? Well, you have come to the right place, 'The Gigantic Pizza Slice Pool Float' will do just that! Have a float around the pool looking good enough to eat on this slice of pizza that measures over 5 feet long!

1. Gigantic Pink Flamingo Pool Float

Don't worry about standing on one leg with this float! Turn your party into Pink Flamingo paradise with the Gigantic Pink Flamingo Pool Float!!

8 BIG MOUTH Birthday Ideas! April 13 2015

Birthdays come but once a year, well if you're born on a leap year they don't. However, they are indeed super special, and worth making fun with a capital F! 

So, without further a do let's start the birthday gift celebrations!!

8. Black Birthday Wine Glasses


Whether you're over the hill or just fancy a birthday drink, you can now party in style (or drown in your sorrows) with our fancy black wine glasses; the perfect accessory for your night of celebration. A bit classier than a shot glass —and a not so subtle hint to keep filling your drink!

7. Age Tiaras


Make sure you're the queen bee for this birthday bash! Remember, age is just a number, so play out your royal dreams with our Age Tiaras. This majestic accessory will make all your dreams come true!

6. Over The Hill Socks  

Never be embarrassed again--regain your sense of style and independence with our “Over the Hill socks.” Make sure to write your name inside so no one at the nursing home steals them!  Great gag gift for an Over the Hill friend.

5. Old Fart Slippers


Old Fart Slippers are a great gift for the ageing friend in your life who can no longer control his or hers bodily noises. These act like a Whoopy Cushion in that they emit a bottom burping noise when you walk! Happy Birthday! 

4. Worlds Largest Bra 


Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow... Introducing the Worlds Largest Bra! Perfect gag birthday gift for that ever so slight ageing/sagging friend! The World's Largest Bra is just that by being over 3 feet wide with a cup size of ZZZZ. 

3. Let's Get Tipsy Wine Glasses (Set of Two) 

The glass is bent? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! Don't worry, you aren't that old and drunk (yet). Introducing the all new Tipsy Wine Glasses. Sure to give you a sobering outlook on your evening! Great birthday gag gift. 

2. The Birthday Beer Glass 

Whether you're 21 or 60 - The Birthday Beer Glass is the perfect way to say Happy Beerday... I mean Birthday!  

1. The Wine Bottle Glass 

For the time when one glass just isn't enough! The Wine Bottle Glass holds a 750ml bottle of wine with an inbuilt glass, so you can sit back and relax with The Full Wine Bottle Glass! Added bonuses include: Saving on the washing up AND not having to go back to the kitchen for a refill. Cracked it.  Perfect Birthday gift for your wine loving friend! 

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Ciao for now! 

Reese Witherspoon having an Easter float on our very own Donut Pool Float! April 07 2015

Reese Witherspoon may be one of the busiest movie stars around at the minute, but this lady still knows how to have fun on holiday! 

Taking a dip in the pool this Friday, Reese 39, forgot about the Easter eggs and took to the pool in our very own Donut Pool Float. 

This years Oscar nominee captioned the funny image: '#DonutWorryBeHappy?!#HappyFriday (I couldn't resist).'

The Wild star had also perfectly matched her sunglasses to the pink iced pastry treat, looking just as yummy as the donut! 

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Join the DooDoo party - Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Sam Smith AND MANY MORE! January 15 2015

The haters are really gonna hate this one... Taylor Swift celebrated her 25th birthday in New York and every celeb and his dog wanted to come and join the party - INCLUDING our very own BIG MOUTH INC DOO DOO HEAD MASK and if I do say so myself, it was modelled by one very charming young man. 

Taylor partied with our number one pop goddess Beyonce, her hubby Jay Z, UK chart climbing sensation Sam Smith and indie girl group HAIM ... as well as her supermodel bestie Karlie Kloss ,OH and Justin Timberlake modelling our DooDoo headmask! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! 

She definitely won! 


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Bradley Cooper loves a Flair Hair. October 23 2014

Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon donned Eagles/Jets NFL Flair Hair visors on Friday night, and tried extremely hard to get words out of their mouths, but could barely mumble anything coherent. It's possibly one of the biggest giggle-tests you will witness between two fully grown men. 


After this, Cooper and Fallon played an intense game of Egg Russian Roulette - which looked like something every student should play at weekend with their pals! ULTIMATE FUN - If a little messy. 


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Khloe Kardashian and JUSTIN BIEBER ON THE DONUT! October 14 2014


So Beibs and Khloe K have taken a shine to our Donut pool float!

Khloe Kardashian posted an Instagram shot last week, captioned:

"I can never stay serious for too long. Yesterday at our @kardashiankollection shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth. Rocking KK shoes, skirt and blouse. "

And as for Justin Bieber, he was cooking up a donut frenzy on Twitter and Instagram with his shot of the donut pool float!

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I can never stay serious for too long. Yesterday at our @kardashiankollection shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth. Rocking KK shoes, skirt and blouse.

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